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Would you like to investigate how data mining, machine learning and artificial intelligence can help you? Van Stein & Groentjes provides data-driven solutions and can consult you in the possibilities that data science may offer. We have expertise in data mining, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Contact us to see what we can do for you.


Analytics & Exploration

Before your business can profit from the advantages of data-driven technology, the data needs to be well understood. Exploratory data-mining and analytics can be used to give insight into your data. Together, we will explore what data you collect, what can be observed in the data and which preparations are required to continue to the next phase.


Artificial Intelligence

AI solutions can help your business by automating complex processes, or providing additional insight, leading to better decision making. From natural language processing to on-line recommender systems, we can help you develop a solution that fits both your data and your company.

Data-driven Optimization

Whether you want to generate more revenue by increasing the sales per visitor or save on expenses by using fewer resources per produced product, in the end it all comes to optimization. Using your collected data to optimize your business processes is our primary goal.

Empower your company with data science.

Our mission is to empower you by utilizing the power of Artificial Intelligence and data-driven algorithms. Next to automation, data-driven methods are able to put you more into control. Providing your business with meaningful insights, leading to better decisions.
As an example, the municipality of Leiden has roughly 600 underground containers. Over the last four years they collected 24 million actions regarding these containers. We explored this dataset together with the customer in an agile approach. An in-depth analysis report was delivered and several predictive models were developed to aid the municipality in planning which containers to empty every day, giving them a potential 20% reduction in man and driving hours.

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Advanced Analytics
Gain insight into the data you collect and explore the potential value of data-driven processes. By using powerful visualization tools we will explore together to find what gems are hidden in your data collection.

Data Mining
From the detecting of outliers in your data to finding association rules. Data mining is the art to find the more subtle and surprising information hidden in your (big)data collection.

Machine Learning
Recommender engines, predictive maintenance and data-driven decision support, are just a few examples of machine learning applications. Machine learning is training analytical models to understand and execute a complex task.

Data-driven optimization can be used to solve the most complex processes. Configuring simulations, vehicle routing or scheduling are just a few examples of problems can be solved using data-driven optimization.

Implementation of the statistical models and optimization algorithms in your own systems is in the end of vital importance. Data science should become integrated into your every day work routines.

We can asses and consult on your data collection and data science processes. Lets brainstorm together to see what data science could offer to your business.

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